Announcing the RFD88A Energy Harvesting Engine Module

The RFD88A is an 8mm x 10mm energy harvesting engine module.  The module enables using higher power application circuits with low power energy harvesting modules. Power is first collected and stored to a super capacitor by an energy harvesting module such as the RFD102A or RFD103A or solar panel or piezoelectric generator until an upper voltage (VHIGH) is reached.  The output pin of the RFD88A will then switch ON and the output of the capacitor will be connected to the application circuit until 1V is reached.  Once 1V is reached the output power to the application circuit will shut off and recharge the capacitor. The part has three settings for VHIGH of 5.2V/3.0V/2.5V. See the RFD88A Datasheet for details on setting these voltages. This circuit is ideal for use with BeamBots, microgenerators, wirelessly powered weather stations or other intermittently powered transmit/receive systems. The product is available as of January 2016. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing a module for $12 each.