New Product Release: RFD199A – RF-DC Converter Module with Regulated 5V Output

RF-DC Converter with Regulated 4.2V…5.3V DC Output

RF Diagnostics, LLC is pleased to announce our latest energy harvesting solution for those that want to charge an iPhone or similar product that requires 5V to charge. The RFD199A can convert signals from 10MHz up to 3GHz with input powers ~+3-33dBm to an intermittent DC output voltage. An internal large value capacitor will charge up to 5.3V and will discharge to 4.2V and the cycle will repeat. We have successfully demonstrated iPhone charging using four of these modules in parallel at 2.4GHz in a wired coax test with an input power of 27dBm divided 4-ways into each RFD199A. The DC outputs can be combined with no loading of each other since the storage capacitors are internally isolated by the energy harvesting engine circuit. The small package size allows for easy arraying of these modules to collect more wireless energy. We are now accepting direct requests for these modules and have a limited supply available. Price: $125 per unit plus shipping.