New Product! WiFi Energy Harvesting Design >40% Efficiency (>50mA)

RF Diagnostics, LLC is pleased to announce pre-production prototypes are available for the RFD102D-TB.  Why is this a big deal?  Many of our customers have asked for higher currents from our ultra-broadband RF-DC converter modules in order to be able to charge smartphones.  The RFD102D-TB is capable of delivering >50mA at 5.15V with a 28dBm 2.5GHz input signal into a 100-Ohm load.  This translates into an RF-DC conversion efficiency of greater than 40% with a design that in high volume can be very cost effective for consumer charging applications.  A limited quantity of initial prototypes are available upon request to for $75.  If you wish to purchase this prototype we will send a prototype to the first 10 customers that request this.  Orders will be fulfilled after April 10th, 2018. Here is some typical data from this part at 2.5GHz into 100-Ohms: 20dBm, 1.5V, 15.0mA, 22.5% 25dBm, 3.44V, 34.4mA, 37.5% 26dBm, 3.98V, 39.8mA 39.7% 27dBm, 4.54V, 45.4mA, 41.1% 28dBm, 5.15V, 51.5mA, 41.9% 29dBm, 5.73V, 57.3mA, 41.3% 30dBm, 6.25V, 62.5mA, 39.1% Please note that this part is not matched and that higher efficiencies are achievable with good matching.  Licensing for this design is also available at a cost of $500. We will provide a BOM, Gerber files, Schematic and Test Board.  Please contact us directly if interested in licensing this design.