Wireless Energy Harvesting Products

We sell the broadest bandwidth and most sensitive electromagnetic harvesting modules at the lowest prices. Use either the RFD102A or RFD103A with a log periodic antenna to harvest the stray electromagnetic radiation from power lines, AM/FM radio, WiFi, cell phones, microwave ovens, switching power supplies or other sources of electromagnetic radiation. As you harvest this power for your application you may find the RFD88A very useful for regulating the upper voltages on a super capacitor. The RFD88A will intermittently discharge a super capacitor through the module like a switch when the capacitor voltage reaches 5.2V or 3.0V or 2.5V and then starts recharging the capacitor once the output voltage drops to 1.0V. No complex ADCs needed for this task. Great for BeamBots or powering up your system when it has harvested enough energy.

Surface mount energy harvesting modules include:

  • RFD102A: 10MHz...6GHz RF to DC Converter, 5mm x 7mm Land Grid Array. Test with the RFD102A-TB evaluation board.
  • RFD103A: 1Hz...450MHz AC to DC Converter, 8mm x 10mm Land Grid Array. Test with a 4 pin 0.1ā€ DC Headers.
  • RFD88A: Energy Harvesting Engine, Solar Engine. Manages charging and discharging of a super capacitor during energy harvesting. 8mm x 10mm Land Grid Array. Test with two 4 pin 0.1ā€ DC Headers.

RF Diagnostics, LLC is proud to offer the following wireless energy harvesting products:

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